Weddings in a COVID-19 World. Are You Ready in 2021?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

What does a wedding and COVID-19 have in common? They’re both very stressful! But if you take COVID and a wedding and add them together, they can be even MORE stressful. Ever since the vaccine in 2021 rollout, we have seen a significant influx of weddings popping up. People are beginning to feel excited about getting “back to normal” and creating memories post-COVID. But even though we have seen an increase of weddings and numerous vaccinations across the country, COVID is still ever present in our daily lives. This means still having to be cautious at big events such as weddings.

From multiple vendors onsite, to loved ones traveling from near and far, weddings can be a hotspot for spreading COVID-19. Creating a safe, yet fun, environment for your guests on your special day can be challenging, especially since navigating this virus in a social setting is still pretty new. The Gray Girls are here to help you navigate, prepare, and execute a beautiful (and virus free) wedding with a few helpful tips!

A Comfortable Environment is Key

Creating a comfortable environment for your guests should be one of the top priorities when planning a wedding. One of the most basic items to have at your wedding would be masks. Having masks available will bring comfort to some of your guests, whether you choose to have a mask mandate or if your guests choose to wear them or not. These masks can also be a fun wedding favor by printing the date and your names on them, or just simply incorporating your colors by getting matching-colored masks. Another item to have readily available would be, of course, hand sanitizer. Having hand sanitizer stationed around your venue will not only remind the guests to keep their hands clean, but also could be a cute wedding favor by sticking on a decorative sticker or simply tying a themed ribbon around the top. Incorporating virus protection and wedding favors can be a simple and effective way to stop the spread.

A Beautiful Outdoor Venue

Step 2: creating a safe yet beautiful venue. Outdoor venues have started to become more popular each year, especially in the times of COVID. Being outside in the fresh air can significantly reduce the chances of catching the virus. Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency show that increasing ventilation, such as being outdoors, can help lower indoor air pollutants and reduces contamination by removing virus particles before they can fall out of the air and land on surfaces. So, outdoor venues can be a huge factor in reducing the spread of the virus. Also, outdoor venues can be easier to decorate AND – in some cases – be less expensive to rent. The set up at your venue is also very important.

Ensuring there is enough distance between seating for the dining room and ceremony set up can help your guests feel more comfortable in a large crowd. Making sure your food is properly handled by vendors and your guests is a huge element during your reception. Check with your vendors on their COVID protocols to see if masks or any other safety measures are required. The most efficient and sanitary way to distribute each meal, would be a sit-down style dinner with the meal served to each guest by the catering staff. But if you decide to have food stations, requesting the catering staff to serve everyone would be the safest way for distributing the food. While having a “serve yourself style” buffet can be easy and fun, multiple hands and people touching food can be unsanitary, especially with a virus going around.

Happy and Safe Guests

Keeping your guests happy and safe are some of the main factors revolving around your COVID wedding. Being prepared for any situation from your guests that arises will have you thankful you thought about it beforehand. Little things such as including a small note in your Save the Date or even your wedding invitations that includes some of the precautions you will be taking can help ease the minds of those wondering if there will be any rules or regulations at your event before the time comes. One of the trickiest situations involving your guest list, is your older guests. Keeping the older guests happy and safe from COVID can be one of the hardest and most sensitive parts of any event. Guaranteeing you have taken all the precautions mentioned above can be the deciding factor whether some of these people feel safe at your wedding. Giving your older guests a call to explain the precautions being made will help them feel much more at ease and comfortable being in a large social setting, and they will also appreciate the gesture. Be prepared to explain the measures you and the vendors are taking to ensure a healthy and sanitary environment. Also, be aware of the risks your traveling guests will have on their trip such as plane rides, hotel stays, etc.… Make sure these guests are accommodated in the best way possible since they are having to go through different travel restrictions and rules to get to your event.

Even though a COVID wedding is something none of us hope or plan for, your special day can still be as beautiful and dreamy as ever. With a little thought to some precautions here and there, your guests will be having too much fun to even worry about COVID and still be safe. Your guests will also be extremely grateful and thankful you put thought into their safety and wellbeing at your event. Hopefully in the near future, wedding planning will not have to revolve around a virus. But as of now, we can only make the best of it!

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