Wedding Photo Ideas That Will Make You Smile

Photographers are one of the most important elements to your wedding day. They are there to be your personal hype team and catch all the key photos and moments that you will want to cherish forever. From your first look with your partner, to the dances with your best friends, we all know the important pictures we absolutely must snag, but here are some ideas that aren’t your “ordinary” wedding photos. But we guarantee they will put a smile on your face!

Fake First Look

These pictures are becoming more and more popular in weddings recently, and we can see why! In this “Fake First Look” the groom thinks he is about to see his beautiful bride, but, will actually see his best man or one of his friends dressed up as a bride. These are super funny and easy to pull off – all you need is a guy willing to make the groom loosen up and laugh and a white dress which you can get from a consignment shop or even online (it doesn’t have to be expensive!).

Grandparents Photo Op

There is nothing more special than taking a few moments and getting some pictures with your grandparents or elderly relatives. They have known you your entire life and are honored to be a part of your special day. Snapping a few heartfelt pictures with these wonderful people in your life will mean the world to them and looking back on these pictures will definitely bring a smile to your face! (As seen on

Family First Looks

Speaking of family, a great photo opportunity is the bride and her father. This is the day the father gives his little girl up to go be with the man of her dreams – so it is a very heartfelt day for the both of them. Before the first look with the groom, another popular idea would be to do the first look with the father which can be such a sweet moment to catch on camera. (As seen on Vivo photography)

Wedding Party Pics

Lastly, you will also want a ton of pictures with your wedding party! There are many pictures out there that are classics that you will want, but there are also tons of funny and creative pictures to take with all of your friends too!

Groom and Groomsmen

The bride has gotten to show off her wedding ring for MONTHS now, but the groom hasn’t gotten to wear his ring yet! Let him show it off! A few pictures that will make you smile would be the bridal parties all gawking at the groom’s ring. These call for a few laughs and great photo opportunities.

Another great photo opportunity would be lots of pictures of the groom and his friends. The guys can come up with funny pictures off the top of their heads, or not even try to be funny and the pictures come out great! Get the guys together and see what they come up with, it could be one of the best and smile-worthy pictures of the whole wedding album! (As seen on )

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