So you had to reschedule your wedding...Ways to celebrate your chosen day amid a global crisis.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The world is a strange, strange place right now. Nothing really feels like "normal" as it should and lives are being turned upside down regularly. It's all heartbreaking, but there is still plenty to be thankful for. You've found your person. You've decided to commit a lifetime to each other. You've started planning a celebration of this commitment. And now you're getting to spend some extra special quality time with your person. If your wedding was some time in the near future, you may have painstakingly decided to postpone. Here are some simple and fun ways to still honor, celebrate, and cherish the day you originally chose.

Have a date night in.

Most restaurants are still doing take out and curbside. Pick a restaurant that you love frequenting together. Bonus points if it's a little fancier than usual. Pop open some bubbly or make your signature drinks for a party of two. Light a candle. Throw a fresh spring bloom in a vase. Put on something besides your sweats. Get glammed up. Turn on some romantic vibes playlist (we can recommend from Spotify if you need help). Magic can be found even in dreary times.

Have a friend do a front porch shoot for you.

Capture the memory of the day with some fresh photos. Hire a fantastic photographer (we know some of those too) to come by and take a picture of you two love birds on your front porch. Make it as fun or as serious as you want it to be. Or have a family member or friend come by and take some with their phone.

Do the thing that's oh so you two.

What is ya'lls "thing"? Taking your fur baby for a walk on the beach? Making some awesome tacos and margaritas and chilling on your back porch? Exploring new places and things? DO THAT THING. If it's something that may seem out of reach right now, get creative. If exploring is your favorite, try some of the fantastic virtual tours and shows that are now available online. Start planning and scheming for your dream trip. Maybe that's what you do for your five-year anniversary!

Have a mini commitment celebration.

Take some selfies. Write each other a letter and read it out loud. Make a little dessert and drink champagne out of your wedding flutes. Play the runner up to your first dance song and sway in the living room together. Twinkle lights and candles help.

We know that these are trying and frustrating times. We hope that we can help in whatever way possible. Here's to the rainbow that we know is ahead!

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