Send-Off Ideas That Aren’t Confetti or Sparklers

The cake has been cut, the first dance has been finished, and the vows have been said. Your wedding day has been a picture-perfect day, now the only thing left is the grand exit! Having your send off with fun props can be fun for not only the newlyweds, but also your guests. It also creates beautiful and fun pictures that catch the very last special moments of your wedding day. But finding send-off props can be hard, especially if your venue does not allow sparklers or confetti due to fire codes and the mess that confetti or glitter makes. But we picked out a few fun and unique items that will take your send-off to the next level!

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wands are a cheap and simple send-off item that can make any photo you take during your grand exit pop! You can choose from a variety of different colors and textures or pick a uniform style for everyone to wave in the air. You can also hand make the ribbon wands for a custom look and inexpensive option! In pictures, the ribbon wands look like streamers and take up a lot of the empty spacing around the edges of the pictures. These are a great idea for venues that don’t allow sparkers or confetti!

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Glow Sticks or Fiber Optics

Glow Sticks and Fiber Optics are also a great idea for send-offs, especially if your send-off is at night! Glow sticks are always a fun prop to have at weddings while on the dance floor but opting for some bigger glow sticks or even the fiber optic light-ups make for a cool exit! These can come in a variety of different colors, or you can always go for the classic white look. Have your guests wave them above your heads at the end of the night for great and unique pictures!

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Bubbles are also a unique and fun way to send-off the newlyweds and can be a fun wedding favor for your guests to take home with them. Bubbles require less mess and clean up after the send-off as well. Even at night, bubbles look great in photos since they cast off a shiny, rainbow glare! These sendoffs are especially a fun idea if you have a handful of kids joining you at your wedding.

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Rose Petals

Another great sendoff idea would be to toss rose petals as the newlywed couple walks out. These are a biodegradable, easy clean-up option that make for a beautiful sendoff prop. You can get rose petals in the colors of your wedding theme, or even choose the classic red, pink, and white colors. These will definitely make a statement in your sendoff pictures!

New Orleans

The Second Line Parade

Lastly, we have a fun New Orleans sendoff tradition: The Second Line Parade. This sendoff idea is an old tradition in the Deep South where couples each have their own umbrella and lead a parade of the wedding party to usually a brass band. You can purchase a beautiful umbrella, or even hand make them! It is a unique and grand departure from the reception that will have everyone excited!

The Verdict

Nowadays, many couples are opting for send offs with a fun twist! The Gray Girls have seen it all. Are you interested in planning the perfect send off? Contact us today and let's get planning!

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