Perfection For Your Holiday Event

The holidays are here and a perfect time for visiting with friends, family, and those you haven't seen in ages. Honestly, seeing family and those I don't get to see often is my favorite part of the holidays (that and seeing everyone's adorable cards, especially if there's a dog in a Christmas bow or sweater). Whether you're throwing your family dinner or a major bash for your office or company, here are some tried and true tips for making your holiday event perfect!

Book it ASAP.

As soon as you know when and where, make it official! If you’re throwing a friends-mas at your home, order those invites, make that Facebook event, and get the word out as soon as you can. If you’re throwing something a little bigger and need to book a venue, make sure you’re on top of that months in advance. If there's a venue you have your eye on that's pretty coveted , best to book it as soon as you can. Even if its a year in advance. The more of a heads up your guests and vendors have, the better.

Think Outside The Box.

The most common holiday events are in the evening with plenty of drinks and food and games. As festive as these are it gives your event a lot of competition for people's time. Best way to mix it up and encourage more people to come? Think outside of the box. A holiday lunch with friends. A girls brunch with family. Bowling with co-workers. A themed pub crawl with old classmates. Pick something fun and different. Not all holiday parties are built the



Going with a theme for your party makes everything merry and bright! No matter what kind of soiree you’re throwing, a theme brings it all together. A rustic and cozy woodland themed dinner party. A crazy sweater, wacky accessory Christmas party. An everything glitters gala. Sticking with a theme makes decorating more focused, give your guests something to look forward to, and makes for AWESOME pictures (duh).


Food is life. Well, for me that's true at least. And I ADORE a craft cocktail (ask anyone who knows me). So, for me, any shindig I throw has to have great food and even better cocktails. A signature drink is one of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews) and you can never go wrong with good food. Think outside of the box on this as well. Taco soup, tacos, salsa or tapas, wine, and charcuterie.

Whatever you do for your holiday event, as long as it's personal, filled with love, and ready for a good time, it's going to be a smashing success!

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