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Over the past few weeks, many of us involved in The La Vie En Rose Event (scheduled for May 15, 2021, at The Jackson Pearl in Downtown Ocean Springs), were informed that others in our community have negative feelings about our event being the same weekend as another bridal show. We are committed to fostering a sense of community with our event vendors and friends in the area. Some of these vendors were in a difficult position as to which event to support and asked to CHOOSE who they’d support when it was discovered that they might also be participating in our event. This has placed many vendors, some of which are very good friends, in a very unfortunate position.

Gray Meetings and Events and The Jackson Pearl are strong and avid promoters of community and collaboration over competition, placing relationships before revenue, trying our best to unify and diversify the Gulf Coast wedding and event industry in all the best ways we can. It’s a fact that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. We’ve all been excited to be working with so many beautiful participants and vendors, creating new relationships, practicing inclusion, rather than dividing and excluding. Especially in a time where it's so easy to see differences, we have chosen to uplift others because this past year has been difficult for our industry.

Although we feel that la Vie en Rose will draw a totally different crowd, we are rescheduling so as not to undermine the efforts of the show's event organizers. We will continue to promote inclusion over exclusion and will postpone our event to Thursday, September 30, 2021. We believe that supporting and helping one another is key to everyone’s success in life, and the more we all work together to be kind to one another, to lift each other up, sending business opportunities friend’s ways. Truly, the more peace and harmony we can all experience in this world.

This will be the most live event expo you have every experienced on the Gulf Coast!

We’ve decided to open up 4 extra areas of the venue to allow extra space for additional vendors to come collaborate and showcase their work to the public, so if you thought you had missed out on the opportunity, you certainly haven’t!

For ways in which you can be a part of the magic, please email [email protected] . For all of you beautiful and excited souls who have purchased tickets, if you cannot make the September 30 date and need a refund, we will be extending refunds to May 15, so please email us and we will be able to easily assist you, otherwise, keep those party boots on stand by! There will be a lot more fun happening in the coming months too, so stay tuned.

-The Gray Girls

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