How to Plan the Perfect Proposal: a Gray Girl Guide

Updated: Aug 15

So, it’s time to pop THE question. For some, the process of planning a proposal can be super daunting. How do you even start planning a proposal? With our expertise, we’ve seen it all -and that’s why we’ve put together this Gray Girl Guide! We hope that we can help you nail your proposal. It’s time to shine, so let’s get started.

1. Are You Both on the Same Page?

This is probably obvious, but before you start planning, make sure that marriage is something you and your partner are interested in. Communication is key! Talk to them about a future together, that you’d like to get married one day, and ask if they see marriage in their future too. You can keep the conversation broad to avoid it becoming a accidental proposal- maybe someone you know recently got married, the possibilities are endless. Is this a hard conversation? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Critically, it’ll give you THE BEST insight into what they will say when you pull out that ring.

2. Buy the Ring

Now the planning can begin! How do you pick out a great ring your partner will love? Here’s our best kept secret:

Snap some discreet pictures of jewelry they love to wear frequently or every day.

Here’s why it’s important:

  • It’ll tell you if they prefer a certain metal

  • It’ll tell you if they prefer something loud or minimalistic

  • If they wear rings, quickly borrow a ring (and replace ASAP) to get the perfect ring size.

If they don’t wear much jewelry, this can also be good insight: it’s possible they would prefer a minimalistic style of ring. Use this to your advantage by checking out solitaire or minimalistic band styles.

If you can’t find their ring size, talk with your local jeweler about ring resizing. They will be able to help you – it might even be included in your ring purchase.

3. Make it Meaningful

There are unlimited places to pop the question – so let’s work to narrow it down. Here are two things to consider when choosing a spot:

  1. What would be meaningful to my partner?

  2. Will it always be here?

This is a new chapter in your life that you both will always remember. A historical monument or a special outdoor location are always good bets. If you want to return to this location in 30 years, will it be there?

Restaurants are still a great option too! Consider jotting down some of the evenings highlights on a napkin or coaster like drink choices, meal, dessert. If you ever want to recreate it on an anniversary, you’ll be one step ahead.

4. Consider Using the Pros

You know your partner best, but planning a proposal can be overwhelming. Gray Meetings and Events coordinates all the detail work so you can focus on your love. Our team of experts know a thing or two about making this special day more memorable, and most importantly, worry-free. Contact us today for a free consultation.

5. Decoy Story

This is essential. The decoy story MUST be as airtight as possible. Some of our favorite excuses? Meeting friends or family for dinner. Surprise tickets to a local event. An invitation to a work event you both can attend as a date night. You get the idea.

PRO TIP: If your partner likes to paint their nails, try to mold your decoy story to have a reason for them to paint or redo their nails. Proposal pictures for social media are big, and they might be horrified at their chipped nail polish!

6. The Backup Plan

Thinking of taking your love to a beautiful outdoor sunset to pop the question? Maybe proposing at their favorite art museum? Those sound lovely, until it’s storming outside of the museum is closed for unexpected maintenance.

As you’re brainstorming your plan, have a few spots in mind—both indoor and outdoor—just in case your Plan A needs to be scrapped.

7. Idea vs Script Reading

You’ll want to have some idea of what you’ll say when you propose, maybe you’ll want to reflect on something you both care about. Do your thing- we know it’ll be heartfelt and absolutely lovely. Worry less about memorizing your lines or reading a script, and 1 or 2 ideas you want to communicate instead.

8. Laugh it Off and Make This Moment Special for Yourselves

Would you and your fiancé enjoy selecting the ring together? Don't be afraid of scrapping the traditional elements of proposals and including elements that are special to you as a couple! Don't feel like you need to follow this guide entirely. Everyone is different! Remember this golden rule while you plan:

If something odd or unexpected ruins the moment, don’t sweat it and laugh it off! Life isn’t like a rom-com.

You’ve done it!

You’ve slipped that ring on their finger, you’ve called your family, and posted your proposal pictures on social media. To discover how Gray Meetings and Events can kick-start your wedding planning process contact us or follow us on Instagram.

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