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Gulf Coast Creatives: This is the Design Showcase You’ve Been Waiting For!

2021: A time to reset and recreate, to view old traditions with a fresh perspective, and to reinvigorate our approach to the way we all celebrate, with purpose, intention and excitement for all that is possible. If you work in the wedding or event industry, you may have felt the winds of change approaching as things begin to look brighter as couples and families are confident in booking dates for their events.

We are inviting creatives from near and far to emphasize the excitement of 2021 by developing an elevated wedding experience for couples unlike anything the Gulf Coast has ever seen at La Vie En Rose.

The goal is to provide couples an experientially focused, interactive showcase of the top trends in the wedding and event industry for 2021 and beyond, providing powerful, influential inspiration for couples, while networking with vendors that have a…spicy creative flavor.

There won’t be any boring booths, bland pamphlets or lack luster enthusiasm to be found at this event. The plan: each exhibit will be hosted by a different group of vendors that have been paired according to the needs of each exhibit, all working together to create an interactive experience within that specific exhibit, while adhering to the provided guidelines, color theories and aesthetic focus, ultimately telling their own creative and artistic representational storyline.

An example of a vendor group is: 1 Planner/ Designer, 1 Florist, 1 Rental Company, 1 Bridal Company and so forth. All vendors will be showcasing their very best work, bringing all of their incredible talents to table.

Are you interested in joining us at La Vie En Rose with a team of designers? Peep the vendor details at:

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