Do you really need a wedding coordinator?

When it comes to your wedding, it’s understandable to want to be in total control. This is your special day that you have been fantasizing about for years. You and your partner have spent endless hours planning the big day—how do you leave the execution to someone else? But take a moment and think about it: Do you really want to be the point of contact for your florist who is stuck in traffic? These hiccups can take away from your enjoyment of one of the best days of your life.

Here comes the wedding day-of coordinator.

A day-of coordinator works with you to take care of smaller details leading up to the wedding and run the show on the big day. Hiring a coordinator may just be the best money you spend on your wedding day. From managing the day’s timeline to making sure all your vendors are accounted for and setting your room allows you to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

A fabulous coordinator is a couples' (and their family) biggest supporter. They usually offer assistance during the last few weeks of planning to ensure nothing is overlooked.

A common misconception is that a day-of wedding coordinator only works the day of the wedding. Actually, a coordinator works with you beginning eight weeks leading up to the day. Their job usually entails contacting all of your vendors, creating and coordinating your timeline, executing any last minute details, and running the show on the day-of.

Gray Girls add on an additional duties beyond the average duties. We will also set up your reception and ceremony decor. This can include all of your table settings, sweet heart table, guest book, seating chart, etc.

A coordinator allows you to be a guest at your own wedding. Which also frees up your mom, your sister, and/or your bridesmaids to be guests, this gives you all a chance to be present in the moment and not worry about what is coming up next in the day.

That timeline is an essential component to making everything run smoothly. Managing all the logistics of the wedding day is something your coordinator will handle. A wedding coordinator/ manager will build little details into the day’s schedule— and coordinate with your caterer, photographer, and florist to make sure photos are taken and the space is ready for guests.

Ignorance really is bliss, especially when you're hoping for perfection on your wedding day. Unfortunately, things are not perfect. Maybe your cake didn't show up. Maybe your officiant got lost. Perhaps your bridal party is a bit too rowdy. Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator means you don’t have to think or worry about any of those hiccups. If something does go wrong your wedding manager will take care of it and chances are you'll never know it was an issue.

And it’s not just the ceremony and reception your coordinator is focusing on. At the end of the night your wedding planner will ensure everything is wrapped up. Your Gray Girl will pack up your gifts, grab your heels from the corner, be sure you have something to eat when you get to the hotel, and resolve anything that needs to be fixed at the end of the day.

Leave the stress of the wedding behind when your special day arrives. Trust your day to a coordinator who can run the event, resolve the hiccups, and get you married! It's our job to make your day perfect!

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