Holiday Weddings: 6 Different Ways

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only is it engagement season and Christmas all in one, but winter weddings are becoming more popular year after year. Picture white lights, cozy blankets, hot cocoa bar, fir tree décor, and yummy holiday sweets to treat your guests to this holiday season.

There are many types of “holiday wedding” themes and ideas you can choose from. Whether it is a classic white Christmas look, or pops of red and green, there are many ways to design your wedding to make it the most unforgettable event to close out the year!

You may be thinking, “What other options do I have besides white, red, and green for my holiday wedding?” Well, we have you covered! Besides dreaming of a white Christmas, check out these other ideas we have been dreaming of!

Holiday Themed Drinks:

The best way to celebrate the holidays, is have a fun and festive drink in your hand! Create fun cocktails with a holiday spin to them! This is a great way to incorporate the holiday theme without spending too much.

Pops of Red and Burgundy on White:

The classic red on white look always makes a room pop. Creating a simple reception with white linens, décor and white lights then throwing in a few pieces here and there of red or burgundy is a beautiful look and ties in the holiday theme!

Themed Accents:

Picture perfect accents are always a great way to tie in your theme to any type of wedding. Holiday themed invitations, bouquet, and even your something new, borrowed, and old are small but great touches to your wedding day.

White Lights:

White lights are a classic staple to any wedding, but having an overabundance of lights at your wedding during the holidays really brings out the holiday spirit! Overhead lights, tree lights, or even twinkle lights strung around flower arrangements makes the entire room glow!

Fun Themed Cake:

Decorating you wedding cake is a great opportunity to incorporate your holiday theme into the décor. Especially a red velvet cake such as this one! It is a beautiful statement piece that looks too good to eat!

Pictures in the Snow:

Wanting some unique photo opportunities? Maybe you will get lucky and it will snow! Even though there is not much hope for snow in the south, it may become a Christmas wedding miracle!

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