Merry Christmas and the Married Life

Some people love the holidays. To others, it’s just another day and week. Then there are those of us who LIVE for the holiday season. I’m talking Halloween on through to Mardi Gras. Some people hate the idea of a wedding breaking into time that could be spent celebrating with family. Others may welcome a holiday wedding as a fabulous excuse to get out of town and away from the norm. A holiday wedding can be the perfect fix for couples whose family do not live close. Those extra days off work can be used for travel without having to take the vacation time. I come from a VERY large family. So does my husband. While we did not have our wedding over a holiday, I can see the beauty in it. When your family is already gathered, it lowers the stress of figuring out when to schedule your wedding. Or even better, if you're having a destination wedding or your home is a destination for others, it presents the perfect opportunity for a family vacation and your wedding all wrapped into one.

Most people think of the holidays as the period from Thanksgiving to New Years but for me, the holidays start at Halloween. As a planner, I absolutely adore a wedding that's a little off the wall. So if Halloween or October are your jam, throw the best fall/Halloween wedding anyone has ever seen. Ham it up on the decorations. Jump full force into that holiday-themed wedding. If Christmas makes you giddy inside and you and your partner are the Christmas couple, have the most beautiful Christmas wedding around. Red on your bridal party, poinsettias everywhere, Christmas trees, and holly all around. Another selling point for a Christmas wedding is that most churches and venues will already be decorated which means less stress for you and less decorating for your prep team. Utilize what's there! 

New Years is also the PERFECT time to have the glitzy wedding you've been dreaming about since childhood. Want to have your wedding on New Years and make it the best party in town? Make is black tie. There's no easier way to glitz up your big day then to have everyone in glam dresses and tuxes. Make sure you start at least your reception later than most receptions. You want people to still be around when the clock strikes midnight. Add glitter and champagne, and BAM, the essence of New Years wrapped all into your wedding. 

It all boils down to what you want on your big day. But don’t be afraid to throw a fantastic holiday bash. Just be sure to book ASAP. Make sure your venue and vendors will be available on or around the holidays. Check the date with whoever you consider to be your VIP immediately. You want to make sure the most important people are there. And then have the most fantastic time followed but the most fabulous life! 

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