4 Ways to Get Organized the Week of Your Wedding

You’ve been counting down the days since the moment your fiancé popped the question, and a few short months later, your wedding week is here! The days leading up to the big day is one of the most exciting, joyous, and love filled experiences you and your partner will ever have. Not only imagining your hard work and dream wedding come to life, but also marrying your soulmate can put so many butterflies in your stomach. Even though this is a very exciting time, it can also be a very stressful and anxious time, which is perfectly normal. Having planned and participated in multiple weddings, I have a few tips and tricks to calm your nerves and how to stay organized and in one piece those days leading up to your wedding.

1. Prepare Your Outfit

This may seem like such a small task for your wedding day but preparing for the unexpected is better than not preparing at all! Organize your “Day Of” checklist with a few tips and things that have come in handy in the previous weddings I have experienced.

  • Create an “Emergency Bag”. Usually, this bag will have all your necessities in case something surprising happens. Band-Aids, tissues, Advil, Emergen-C, tampons, sewing kit, deodorant, stain remover pen, etc… will all be your best friend in your time of need. No one has time to run to the convenience store on the day of a wedding, so having a backup plan is always helpful. Even if YOU don’t need anything, maybe one of your bridesmaids or your future spouse will need something.

  • Gum and mouthwash! You don’t want your first kiss as a married couple to be smelly. Plus, all the talking you will be doing on your big day will leave you with some severe cotton mouth.

  • Break in your shoes. I’m sure you have seen this tip a million times, but you will now see it a million-and-one times. Nothing is a bigger mood-killer than having painful feet on your wedding day!

  • Make sure you have everything you need to hold up “the girls”. If your dress is strapless, make sure your strapless bra fit correctly and isn’t seen poking out of the back of the dress. If your dress has straps, make sure you cannot see your bra through the back, or any spots showing those areas the dress may have. My go-to is the sticky pads because these will cling on for dear life and will not fall off! Also, a nice nude pair of underwear is always a good, necessity.

  • Don’t forget the small things contributing to your outfit, such as your veil (if you have one), jewelry, something old, borrowed, and blue, and of course your wedding bands and ring (make sure it’s clean for pictures!)

2. Reach Out to Your Wedding Planner

Any questions, concerns, or comments about your wedding day that you are nervous about, your wedding planner will have your back! Having a wedding planner gives you a big leg-up on your planning and your nerves when it comes down to the week of. Your wedding planner will have a timeline organized and down to a T, so nothing will get overlooked. They will also be your “point person” for all your issues or questions on your big day. Reaching out to her the week of to make sure everything is lined up will also give you some peace of mind as well.

3. Write it Out!

When in doubt, write it out! If you have little things to not forget, questions for your wedding planner, small things to do, reminders for your bridal party or future spouse, little worries or just want to vent, write it down! It will help clear your mind and put you at ease knowing you can write it all down on paper. Having a small wedding journal to look back on at all the worries you had will be a funny experience to read many years down the road.

4. RELAX!!!

You’ve been going and going the past few months prepping for the big day, now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let your wedding planner and the universe take control. It may sound crazy but relaxing on your wedding week can be one of the best things for you.

  • Have yourself a little spa night and draw a relaxing bath, light a candle, do a hair mask and a face mask (one you have used and won’t break you out, of course!), have your favorite music playing, and chow down on some takeout from your favorite restaurant. Yes, I said it. Eat some food! Eating food and drinking plenty of water is also important for the days leading up to your wedding. Being dehydrated is one thing but feeling famished and not eating enough will do nothing but harm! You want to feel your best on your special day, so nourish your body beforehand so you feel great and ready to roll.

  • Catch up with your bridal party and tell them how excited you are that they are sharing your big day with you. These are some of your closest friends and family and they will be happy to take your mind off wedding planning for a few minutes!

  • Lastly, loving on your future spouse is important the week of your wedding too! You both have been busy with prepping for the big day and busy with life in general. Take some time out of your day to catch up with your future spouse and chat about anything besides wedding talk to get both of your minds off planning for a while.

Katie Hess is an Event Manager here at Gray Gatherings. Interested in working with Katie and the rest of the team at Gray on an upcoming party, wedding, or gathering? Contact us today!

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