4 Incredibly Easy Steps to the Perfect Outdoor Garden Party Picnic

Have you been dreaming of hosting a bohemian-style party all year long? Garden party picnics are intimate, unique, and customizable - just think of the possibilities! The South has a plethora of beautiful locations to host outdoor parties in, but you can also have one right in your backyard! Brunch with the girls? Check. Children's birthday party? Check. Friday night get-together? Double check.

Still in the planning phase? That's where we come in. Here's some expert tips to really make your next gathering POP.

1. Start with the Gathering Place

First, where do you want your seating to be in your yard? Make sure the spot you decide makes sense in your space. After that decision, the fun part can begin! What vibe are you going for? If for more casual, opt for blankets that can be easily washed and disposable/ recyclable dinnerware. Going for a more formal vibe? A communal table DIY, decor, and whimsical table arrangements will set the mood with your guests that this event is something special.

Outdoor picnics for large gatherings will require a lot of pre-planning and materials. We have you covered! Our picnic packages start at $XX and we'll take care of it all, including cleanup. Here's some more details if you're interested.

2. Focus on Finger Foods and Easy Sweet Treats

Remember, this is still a picnic! Even if the picnic is more up-scale, stick with finger foods to make it easy on your guests to enjoy them. Charcuterie boards, finger sandwiches, and easy sweets are always a hit! If you do decide to opt for a spread that will need dinnerware, we recommend avoiding "easy spill" foods like soups and stews. If you plan your menu in advance, cleanup can be a breeze!

3. Landscape Lighting for Guests

Landscape lighting will illuminate your outdoor living space and will help guide traffic in your yard. Before your guests arrive, make sure your lighting guides guests easily from your patio to the seating area and provides enough light if you run out of daylight. Can't decide where to start? String lights and landscape stakes from Amazon are easy touches that are always a win.

4. Plan for Rain

Like any outdoor event, weather should always be a factor in your party-planning. Always have a plan B location inside, just in case! If you are trying to create atmosphere indoors try placing candles and old vintage mirrors in the background of the room. This can help create an unexpected whimsical atmosphere in a room and keep your guests cozy.

Still have questions? We have answers! How will you plan your next glamorous picnic event? Mississippi in the Fall is the perfect time to bring your vision to life: and we can make it happen. Contact us today to make turn your vision into reality!

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